Monday, September 21, 2009


OMG!!!!!!! It feels like FOORREEVVEERR since I have blogged....
I owe everyone an apology, well actually only myself because that is the only person I hurt when I don't blog...and ofcourse my tripplies because this is my journal for them.

In the last few months so much has been going on and I could not decide if I wanted to try to catch up or just start fresh. I know that everyone is dying to know what I have been doing:

1. I started homeschooling the tripplies and they can officially read on their own now.
2. I ran a marathon relay, did three legs instead of only two like everyone else.
3. Traded in our super gas hog SUV for an eco-friendly hybrid wagon.
4. Started cloth diapering the tripplies.
5. Planted my own garden and am using the fruits and veggies to make baby food for the tripplies.
6. Got glitter toe pedis with the tripplies.
7. Totally talked my chicas out of doing the prego hormone diet.
8. Became BFF's with every single one of the MiaMaids and now they are competing to be the perma-babysitter.

Phhheeww! That's only some of the stuff but that should do for now. I promise I'll do better!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I heart things.

People always have been saying that "things" don't make us happy....and I totally agree with this but I disagree kinda too because things do help make me happy.

I love things like:

  • A pair of Seven teensie skinny jeans that fit just perfect.
  • Fat free frozen yogurt with cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, gummy bears, and whip cream (still fat free, right?)
  • Vinyl lettering on our walls that are an outward expression of our inner commitments.
  • Knee length shorts because they are totally trendy, cute, and plus Anthro carries them now!
  • Super shiny trendy CTR ring with a princess cut 1ct. diamond in it.
  • My Iphone that lets me read scriptures, blog, twitter, facebook, and take pics of the tripllies.
  • WiiFit.
  • Cricut.
  • Vacations.
  • Highlights.
  • Chic Flics.
  • Diet Coke.
  • Church Books.
  • Fertility treatment.
  • Homemade FHE boards.
  • Fo hawks
  • Sundresses

Basically I heart a lot of "things". Does this mean I am material-a-stick?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay friends! At church this Sunday there was a lesson on being more honest with our fellow beings. Right afterwards the hubby and I went to our temple rec interviews and I realized that I couldn't answer that I am honest in all my dealings so I am taking myself through the steps of repentance and confessing my dishonesty.

Ummmm....this is a lot harder than I thought it would be (can't imagine how hard it would be without the Atonement).....well I have to just let this out....


Not only do I feel terrible that I have kept this a secret for so long, I feel way terrible because watching TV is such an idle waste of time, plus pretty much Monday and Wednesday nights when I am supposed to be doing FHE and mutual I totally am glued to the TV, and also because there is soooo much immodesty!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

I heart quilting

Charity Never Failith.

With the swine flu taking lives eery second in Mexico I decided I needed to put together a humanitarian project for the poor citizins of our neigbhoring third world country who are facing totally being wiped out by this terrible disease.

SOOOOO....I set up the quilting stands, called some sisters over from the ward and quilted all dang day long!

(picture of us being totally righteous and charitable.)

Can't wait to finish them up today...then plan the trip to go deliver them. You know what this means??


Monday, May 18, 2009

Out of Touch...

So Sorry I haven't blogged in FOR EVER!!!!

So much has happened and I don't know where to start.
The chicas and I did the triathalon and OMG that was probably the coolest thing ever! It was our first triathaolon, we usually just do marathons, and we stuck together for the entire thing. Nobody wanted to finish before the other because we do everything together! SOOO grateful that hubby was there to cheer me on when I needed him and he snapped some cute pics of us all together.

(Pic of all four or us with our hair and makeup perfectly done and only a little bit of sweat, and shinyness on the foreheads.)

Don't we look hot! The tripplies and hubby all wore matching "GO LYNZII!!" shirts that he had made (isn't he the most thoughtful ever) and that totally helped me keep going when it got tough.

The training for this day was SO INTENSE!! I would go to the gym like twice a day and only ate Zone Bars and lettuce and Fiji water, and it was such a trial sometimes but hubby is a total fan of my hot in shape bod that he was soooo supportive the whole time. And another part of the trial was when I would be out at the grocery store in my cute gym clothes and I felt like sometimes I was getting judged for not wearing G's. I mean seriously, who works out in G's and plus it's totally allowed to go out all day like that if you were working out in the morning. I hate being judged, but whatev.

Chicas! Thanks for always being there for me, thanks hubby for the support, and thanks tripplies for being the cutest adorablest daughters ever....I couldn't have done this all with out all of you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been tagged...

1.Who eats more?
He does for sure. But he's not fat. He works out all the time and has a natural tan.

2. Who is taller?
He is taller than me. Plus he has a six pack and perfect hair that does the perfect fo-hawk naturally.

3. Who is smarter? Probly a tie because we both went to college. But I don't want to brag so probly him.

4. Who is more stubborn? Neither of us are stubborn. I am so patient and humble and we never disagree. That is how we know we are solemates.

5. Who is more clean? Eww, we are both clean freaks. Our house is always clean...I never have to be embarrassed because my v.teacher comes over unexpectedly and I have a dirty messy house.

6. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Always him, designer of course. I love skirts and sundresses, well I also love my designer trendy jeans. So sometimes me too.

7. What do you like to do together? We love to do everything together. We like to go on vacays, eat frozen yogurt, take pics of ourselves, cuddle, play with our angels, take family pics and send them to all our friends.

8. How did you meet? Seriously in the preexistence. (HF totally hooked us up personally.) But officially we met at a YSA activity!

9. Who asked who out first? He asked me but seriously it was totally love at first sight so I knew he was going to ask and he knew I was going to say yes.

10. Who kissed who first? He totally did it and I had already seen it happening in my dream that HF blessed me with so I went in for it too. It was magical...and we even re-acted it out so we could get a picture of it and save it for prosperity, it's framed in our entry.

11. Who proposed? He did. It was totally magical and I was totally surprised!! It was a short engangement because we already knew and so it was a good thing I already had the wedding planned since I was a beehive and because my friend was just starting her wedding planning business she totally gave me a hook up.

12. Favorite things: My tripplies, my hubby, the temple, reading church books, my callings, tans, pedis, and anything designer.

Now, I tag YOU.

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 months old already!

OMG! Almost forgot to blog about our 2month bday outting for the angels because I was so stressed/dissapointed, and throwing myself a pitty party over the blessing/farewell drama...but I am over it because I have so much patients.

Happy Birthday to Taeyber, Taeygan and Taggleigh.

I can't belive my tripplies are already 2 months old and already so advanced.
To celebrate their great accomplishment we went and got pedis {matching pink and black arguile ofcourse}.

Then we went shopping for new ginorm silk flowers to make headbands...the older they get the huger the flower!

And to finish off we had fat free frozen yogurt and a fat free cake I made with six different layers with six different fillings and six different frosting flavs and diet dr pepper while we opened up the bajillion presents they got from all the grandparents.

Now we have a new project for the cricut...THANK YOU CARDS!!

Seriously being a mom is like the most
rewarding calling